Beauty & Wonder.


The ultimate symbol of freedom is how we shape, and live, in our spaces.

Wondrland Interior Design delivers original interiors in residential, hospitality, workplace and retail environments. These are places that make you feel better when you’re there – and, once left, you think of often.

Spaces with such qualities are transformational – they set you free.

This is Wondrland.

Feel welcome – wherever you are.


Residential – living well is different for everyone. We create enduring design that reflects your sensibilities and vision, embracing beauty, culture and tradition while designing for a modern lifestyle.

Hospitality – our interiors are welcoming, refined, and delightful places that have a touch of magic. From restaurants and private lodges, each shares a similar quality – you remember how amazing you felt there (and you want to share it).

Retail  – understanding what moves people, what draws them to a space, takes know-how and expertise. Working with our branding partners, we create original, story-rich and striking interiors that stand out from the crowd.


"Trying to furnish our Yaletown apartment from scratch was overwhelming until we brought in Beth. She helped us to focus and provided guidance, had terrific design ideas and put it all together for us. She truly knows her craft and we wouldn't hesitate to employ her design expertise again."

Elizabeth Watkins


“Beth gets to know you, designs exactly what you need and then delivers the whole project on time and on budget—simply the best. Five years later, friends and family are still in awe when they come by to visit my oasis.”

Rick Christiaanse
Chief Commercial Officer,
Skidmore Group

"Beth is a first-class interior designer, her creativity and design execution stand out in the crowd."

Gordon Horsman

Committee Chair,
Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club

Beth has worked on several premier private club projects with us. She’s extremely talented, easy to work with and has a keen eye for detail. Any project she creates produces “wow-factor” results!

Dave and Lisa Wood
Pennsask Lake Fishing and Game Club

"Beth takes time to listen and understand what your vision is, and then makes it happen. She takes away the stress of the unknown and creates spaces that will stand the test of time. "

Diana Steele
Eating for Energy

Beth Thompson is the owner and principal of Wondrland Interior Design. With a diverse design background in hospitality, residential, workplace and retail interiors — from boutique design studios to large architectural firms – Beth believes that every project comes to this:


Make people feel welcome and at home, wherever they are. Create a meaningful connection to our spaces, bringing imagination and joy.



Good design is the antidote to restraint and sameness; it brings a sense of freedom and joy.

Beth is an award-winning, Registered Interior Designer with 20+ years of experience across BC and Western Canada.  Clients include homeowners, developers, private club members, restaurants, retailers and business owners.