What is a mood board really for? Well, it should certainly communicate a certain…mood. It has the potential to rise above a simple collection of images and materials to communicate a visual design concept. How it makes you feel and what it makes you think about could be provocative, emotive, or even transport you to another place and time. A single image can mean something surprising and poignant to one person and is predictable or even dull to another.

It is a designer’s job then, to listen, learn, explore and probe a little; to better understand our clients and their project purpose and hopefully, capture it in this simple visual expression. 

This family collection of a framed pen-and-ink sketch, a drawing tutorial book and the Nikon make me feel nostalgic about the first influencers in my life—my mom and dad—who taught us by example that it can be a wonderful lifetime occupation to appreciate, study, practice and follow our creative dreams wherever they take us.